Sustainable Games Alliance

Games Made Sustainable

The SGA is creating comparable and actionable industry-wide emissions reporting that makes it possible for game companies to take action and comply with climate
Because if not us, then who?  
The games industry possesses the tools, mindset, and expertise necessary to demonstrate to the world how an entire industry can revolutionize its operational practices. We believe that the most popular form of entertainment on the planet should also be the most sustainable one.

Accurately targeted

The SGA Standard is the first step toward a credible, actionable, and auditable sustainability strategy that lines up with the latest climate science. Developed by the game industry using tools and processes road tested by leading gamers, the standard accurately measures and produces targets for reducing the most relevant and impactful emissions sources.

Research driven

Informed by global leaders in games and sustainability, and working in partnership with world-class researchers at leading European universities, the SGA Standard intelligently integrates the most comprehensive and up-to-date sustainability data sources, methods, and findings.

Fair and transparent

Experts needing clear and accurate sustainability data – from ESG investors and journalists to researchers and governments – constantly struggle with the lack of comparability across the games industry. The SGA Standard provides a fair, transparent, and truly comparable sustainability disclosure process.

One goal: To make games the most sustainable form of entertainment.

You can’t manage what you haven’t measured. By implementing the SGA Standard’s best practices for measuring emissions, members gain an accurate understanding of their actual emissions along with actionable reduction strategies to meet ever-increasing challenges.

Together, we can measure and reduce emissions, making games not only the most popular form of entertainment, but also the most environmentally responsible. Be part of the change with the Sustainable Games Alliance.