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Join the Sustainable Games Alliance

You can join the Sustainable Games Alliance by sending a free-form application to the board of directors. After the board has accepted your application, you will need to pay the cooperative’s membership fee and accept its statute.

The membership fee is dependent on your company’s annual turnover, or a small fixed sum for associations.

Who can join?

  • Game publishers of all sizes
  • Game developers of all sizes
  • Trade associations of publishers & developers


Membership in the SGA is not open to private individuals, only companies and associations.

A global alliance of companies that make games

The Sustainable Games Alliance is a global nonprofit cooperative that accepts game companies and trade associations as its members. Together, we can make games the most sustainable form of entertainment on the planet.

Open governance

The SGA is a nonprofit cooperative owned and governed by its members. The rules of the cooperative are set in its statute, and members vote on key decisions and elect the board of directors.

Meeting notes from the general meeting and board meetings are shared publicly on this website, and the SGA Standard is available to everyone online.

By and for people who make games

The SGA board consists of directors elected by the member game companies and associations, and the team is advised by an independent advisory board of leading sustainability researchers.

All SGA team members have years of experience in building games, conducting sustainability research, or running industry associations and nonprofits.

Better results while saving time and money

The SGA focuses on making sustainability reporting and compliance easy, straightforward and efficient for game companies.

With methods designed for and by gaming professionals and collecting and verifying data from service providers and platforms centrally, the whole industry saves time and money while producing comparable industry-wide data on sustainability.