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Game industry veterans and experts on sustainability

Games are a uniquely technological art form, with unique challenges for responses to sustainability regulation and application of the latest best-practice research. The SGA works with leading game entrepreneurs and sustainability researchers worldwide – to produce clear, actionable guidance and help game companies adapt to the new environment.

Backed by industry leaders

The Sustainable Games Alliance helps gaming companies change themselves to later lead other industries for the better.
David Helgason
David Helgason
Founder, Unity Technologies
Becoming a sustainable gaming company and most of all doing it properly is really, really hard. I’m glad to be backing this industry wide initiative that addresses this and believe that gaming industry can lead the way.
Petri Järvilehto
Petri Järvilehto
Founder, Remedy Entertainment & Founder, Seriously Entertainment

Core team

Maria Wagner, Managing Director

Enables impactful action through bridging the political, non-governmental and games industry sector, has experience in running a refugee camp, was leading the local Berlin games association, has co-founded the non-profit Games Forest Club.

Dr. Benjamin Abraham

Dr. Benjamin Abraham, Research and Standard Lead

An advocate for addressing the environmental impact of the digital games industry since 2014, pioneer in understanding the material impacts of the industry, and author of the book Digital Games After Climate Change . Founder of consultancy AfterClimate to report and analyse the annual ESG disclosures of the largest games companies in the world.

Jiri Kupiainen

Jiri Kupiainen, Chairman of the Board

23 years in the games industry with a strong engineering background, with experience from a wide variety of roles ranging from indie game developer to CEO of a marketing platform and VP at Disney Interactive

Advisory Board

Risto Sulkava

Scientific director and chairman of the board Hiilipörssi Oy.
Biologist, PhD, ecology. Special expert in the restoration of bogs, the effects of restoration on climate, water bodies and biodiversity.

Niklas Kaskeala

A seasoned climate and sustainability advocate with over 20 years of experience in sustainable development and climate change mitigation. Currently, Niklas is a consultant, aiding companies in their sustainability transitions. He believes that the necessary change starts with taking responsibility for our actions, encouraging others to do the same, and demanding the same from decision-makers.

Dirk Hulverscheidt

25+ years experience in facilitating strategic development of sustainability organisations and helping Game Developers to grow sustainably

Board of Directors

Petri Järvilehto

Petri has built and co-founded several highly successful gaming companies. He has led, directed and/or created critically acclaimed IP’s such as Best Fiends, Max Payne, Alan Wake, Angry Birds to name a few. He remains passionate about games as the most exciting entertainment form.

Jani Kahrama

Founder Secret Exit & founder Pelimetsä

Harri Poimaa

SVP of finance at Seriously