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Helping the games industry in the sustainability transition

Sustainable Games Alliance provides a variety of services to the companies and associations that are its members, as well as the broader games industry.


CSRD compliance doesn't have to be hard


The SGA standard is a set of guidelines and best practices designed to make reporting and compliance easy and efficient for the games industry


We provide worksheets, materials and other tools that make reporting easy regardless of which tools or platforms you use


Both companies and trade associations can benefit from training on reporting and sustainability topics


Saving time and effort by centralizing data collection

Emissions database

We gather and validate global emissions data from governments, service providers and other sources so that our members don’t need to

Industry-wide reporting

Based on the reporting work done by our members, we produce industry-wide reporting on sustainability topics


We help companies understand where they stand compared to their peers and what areas to focus on to reduce their footprint


The challenges are global - let's tackle them together

Community of experts

We facilitate proactive knowledge sharing between industry experts, members and other actors in the ecosystem


SGA actively researches tricky sustainability topics and helps keep our members informed of the state of the art


SGA assists its members with all sustainability topics as needed, and helps associations support their members


A voice for the games industry's sustainability efforts


We spread awareness of the sustainability work our members are doing, and produce case studies that we share publicly

Platforms and service providers

SGA works with platforms and service providers to get access to data our members need, and supports them in reducing the industry’s footprint


We actively engage with policymakers to ensure that the voice of the games industry is heard and guarantee forward visibility into policy

Become a member to benefit from our services

Members get full benefit of the SGA’s services, and full voting rights to set the agenda and priorities of the cooperative.